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The site was previously occupied by the Littlehampton Academy, which was relocated to the north of the site in 2012. Shortly after the completion of the new school facility, the previous school building was demolished and the site has been vacant since. 

The site is allocated for housing in the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Plan (adopted November 2014).  As the site is located within the built up area of Littlehampton, the Arun Local Plan (adopted July 2018) accepts the principle of housing development in this location, subject to consideration against other policies of that Plan. 

In September 2016 an appeal was allowed that granted permission for 68 dwellings on the site.  However, development did not come forward and that permission has since expired.  

The BoKlok proposal will deliver a new community on the site to provide much needed affordable housing in Littlehampton through 1 and 2 bedroom flats, and 2 and 3 bedroom houses arranged around areas of Public Open Space that will connect to Rosemead Park and the existing community.  Furthermore, financial contributions for improvements to Rosemead Park will be made should planning permission be granted.