It’s a vital element of any BoKlok project that the spaces between buildings promote life and activity, and that the community is well connected to local facilities, to succeed in creating a great new place, and building the value of the BoKlok brand. 

Whilst each project will be unique and tailored to its environment, there is an aspiration that each Boklok neighbourhood should have a green heart at its core – an external place where residents can congregate to socialise, relax or play in a high-quality landscape setting. 

The landscape elements of BoKlok Littlehampton could include a purpose designed Community Hub, located centrally to the site and within easy walking distance from all residences. This amenity area would typically include natural play space elements such as natural boulders and balancing stones and open garden spaces suitable for social gatherings, with a canopied shelter and seating to protect users from wind and rain. This “Hub” might be enclosed with hedging and ornamental planting arrangements to create an inviting colourful garden environment and could provide “Grow Zones” with raised bed planters for herbs and vegetables.

A large recreation area is located directly south of the site in Rosemead Park and a traffic calmed link would be provided running south from the central public open space, opening onto the shared cycleway/footpath running west-east along the south of the site. 

A green framework for the whole site would be developed by retaining as many of the existing trees as practicable, and reinforcing this green structure by extensive new planting of native and semi-ornamental tree and shrub varieties, 

The management of water and runoff, where possible, will be designed to be positively integrated into the landscaping.  Sympathetic planting, rain gardens, swales and ditches, all of which will promote opportunities for local biodiversity are being explored.

natural play 2.jpg
lonicera hedge.jpg