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There are some localized earth mounds on-site, but these will be removed to ensure the site is cleared of contamination prior to any commencement of construction.

There are also a number of existing services routes to the western and southern edges of the site which consist of existing water, gas, main sewers and telecoms. The proposed layout has been designed to retain the majority of service routes on site.

The location is ideal for housing development as the site benefits from being directly north of Rosemead Park and is surrounded on three sides by well-established residential development. The site location also benefits from for close proximately to local amenities and transport links making this a sustainable location for residential development.

To the immediate north and west of the site is Littlehampton Academy and Littlehampton Day Nursery, both of which have been considered in terms of overshadowing and noise when designing the site layout, road, and housing locations.

To the south of the site is Rosemead Park and an existing cycleway, both have an essential part to play with the success of the proposed development. The green landscape links created by the central public open space will work in harmony with the existing park and will provide space for new and existing residents to enjoy.


There is an opportunity to create a landscaped buffer with cycle and footway connections all along the southern boundary to help integrate the development with the existing context. The southern landscape buffer also has the only existing trees on the site, towards the east of the site, which will all be retained.


The building heights in and around the site are predominantly 2 storeys with some height toward the west of the site, so there is an opportunity to locate an apartment block within this area, which could also act as a feature block to signify the entrance to the site. All other buildings on the site will be a maximum of 2 storeys in height to integrate with the local context.


The site access is off Fitzalan Road which is the main road network south to Littlehampton and North to the A27. This access location was used on previous applications for the site and has been moved north slightly to improve transport visibility. The access point to the east of the site will be utilized only for pedestrian and cycle routes and possible secondary emergency access if required.


Many of the houses and the flat block have been orientated east and west to maximise natural daylight and sunlight either into the gardens or living areas within the development.